Topical Out-Licensing Opportunities

In addition to out-licensing NicoSwab™, the Company will promote its mature topical line of products which include Mastisol® Plus and Mast-R-Prep™. The Company’s patented resin technology safely keeps 100% of an active ingredient in place on the skin, while providing a controlled but increased rate of release of the active ingredient into the skin over a sustained period of time. As a result, ART has consistently demonstrated that its topical formulations outperform market leaders in many product categories.

Mastisol® Plus:

The Company has achieved FDA exemption on a topical, post-operative surgical adhesive product that is impregnated with the antibiotic bacitracin (Mastisol Plus). The product secures bandages to post-operative wounds while protecting against bacterial contamination. The data profile on this product shows superiority over the surgical adhesive without antibiotic.   This product can be licensed outside of North America.

Clinical Stage Topical Products:

The Company has two clinical stage topical products. The first is a topical surgical prep product (Mast-R-Prep™) with phase 1 and 2 clinical trial data that is ready for phase 3 testing. Mast-R-Prep™ adheres to drapes and has a superior bacterial log-reduction profile over time compared to ChloraPrep®, the surrent market leader. The surgical prep arena is a $2B worldwide market.   The Company has additionally completed phase 1 testing on a Topical Diclofenac product with pre-clinical results that show superiority over Voltaren® gel, and a phase 1 clinical trial that indicates statistical superiority over placebo. It is ready for phase 2 testing. Novartis makes $700M in sales annually with Voltaren® gel in Europe.