Patented Resin Technology

Advanced Resin Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company that has developed a novel, resin based, drug delivery system that promotes transmucosal and topical delivery of medications and active ingredients more efficiently and effectively than currently known technologies.

Conventional transdermal technology has demonstrated the benefits of delivering drugs and actives via the skin, but they only work for an extremely limited number of actives, and even then the time it takes for the medication to reach maximum concentration in the bloodstream can be on the order of hours to days. This is because millions of dead skin cells form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin (the stratum corneum) that prevents most therapeutic molecules from passing through into the dermis and eventually into the bloodstream.

Many topical dermatologic treatments use delivery vehicles such as powders, sprays, solutions, lotions, lacquers and creams to deliver an active ingredient to the skin. However, these delivery vehicles often lack effectiveness as the application of the product comes off easily once applied to an affected area of the skin. This, in combination with trapping of the active ingredient by the vehicle, results in poor delivery of the active medication. In contrast, Advanced Resin Therapeutics’ patented resin technology safely keeps 100% of an active ingredient in place on the skin, while also providing a controlled but increased rate of release of the active ingredient into the skin over a sustained period of time. As a result, Advanced Resin Therapeutics has consistently demonstrated that its topical formulations out-perform market leaders in many product categories.

Advanced Resin Therapeutics has licensed two of its topical peri-operative products.

The advantage of Advanced Resin Therapeutics’s transbuccal technology is that with a tiny drop placed on the inside of the cheek, medications can be delivered into the bloodstream reaching a maximum concentration on the order of minutes to an hour – much more quickly than with transdermal patches and pills, and even more quickly than inhalers and nasal sprays that are specifically designed for quick delivery of medications.

Advanced Resin Therapeutics is engaged primarily in the research and development of its patented resin, trans-mucosal systemic delivery of active ingredients focused on the Central Nervous System (“CNS”) market place. The current formulations are designed to provide quick delivery of alprazolam for anxiety, ondansetron for nausea, sumitriptan for migraines, fentanyl for pain, Vardenafil and Sildenafil for erectile dysfunction, and nicotine as an aid to smoking cessation.

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