Transmucosal Pipeline Products

The advantage of ART’s transmucosal technology is that with a tiny drop placed on the inside of the cheek, medications can be delivered into the bloodstream reaching a maximum concentration in minutes — much more quickly than with transdermal patches and pills, and even more quickly than inhalers and nasal sprays that are specifically designed for quick delivery of medications. The Company has worked to develop and license a deep pipeline of drug products focused on large markets in the CNS (Central Nervous System) sector. The current formulations are designed to provide quick delivery of vardenafil for erectile dysfunction, alprazolam for anxiety, ondansetron for nausea, sumitriptan for migraines, and fentanyl for pain. Many of these products have relatively short time-to-market regulatory pathways with the FDA, and are being developed for subsequent distribution by potential licensees in the U.S.