Jaleva’s ‘Mast-R-Prep’, a one-step surgical skin prep product achieves outstanding in vivo test results.

Release issued 15th September 2008

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 15, 2008 – Jaleva Pharmaceuticals LLC announces that MICROBIOTEST has completed a clinical trial comparing Chloraprep to Mast-r-Prep, Jaleva’s proprietary, chlorhexidine-based, one-step surgical skin prep product.  The results were outstanding.  Mast-r-Prep safely killed more bacteria for a longer period of time than Chloraprep, the top CHG based skin prep product in the market.

Jaleva’s Mast-r-Prep is the only one-step surgical skin prep product in the world that offers a combination of several desirable characteristics.  In contrast to other one-step surgical skin prep products, Mast-r-Prep has a long acting kill rate, is fast drying, easy to remove, has increased tackiness that promotes adhesion of drapes, and also utilizes a proprietary technology to trap and kill bacteria.

“In this clinical trial, we were able to confirm what was proven in vitro – that Mast-r-Prep truly has a long acting antibacterial kill rate.  Long acting kill rate has always been a concern for hospitals and physicians, so we were gratified to see superiority when measured out to the 96 hour time point.” said Mordy Levine, Jaleva’s Chief Executive Officer.

According to Dr. Alex Battaglia, Jaleva President who coordinated the clinical trial, “Mast-r-Prep is a one-step, Chlorhexidine-based surgical skin prep that outperforms currently available surgical skin prep products.  It kills more bacteria for a longer period of time, but additionally has several unique characteristics that surgeons will appreciate.

First, surgical drapes adhere to Mast-r-Prep formulation better than currently available surgical skin prep products.  Its tackiness also makes Mast-r-Prep more easily detectable.

Second, Mast-r-Prep dries faster and is more easily removed than currently available surgical skin prep products.  Once it dries, Mast-r-Prep not only kills bacteria for a longer period of time but also traps bacteria like fly paper and prevents the bacteria from migrating to the surgical wound.

These unique properties and superior qualities will be desirable to surgeons and lead to a sizeable advantage over currently available surgical skin prep products.”

“We believe that Mast-r-Prep will supplant the use of currently available surgical skin prep products given their liabilities as well as the desire expressed by surgeons for a product like Mast-r-Prep that meets all their needs.” says Mordy Levine.  “Not only does Mast-r-Prep have user-friendly qualities that surgeons will prefer over currently available surgical skin prep products, but we fully expect Mast-r-Prep to outperform and outlast currently available Chlorhexidine-based surgical skin prep products.”

“It provides an exciting and unique opportunity for any company invested in infection prevention in hospital and surgical environments,” said Eva Beim, Vice President and Co-founder of Jaleva.

Formed in 2000, Jaleva Pharmaceuticals LLC is a privately held firm.  Jaleva is a leader in the application of its patented resin technology for the improvement of topical medications.  Jaleva is engaged in the research & development of delivery vehicles for active ingredients that treat onychomycosis, psoriasis, heel fissures (cracked heels), athlete’s foot and other dermatological conditions.

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