Good News for Jaleva’s ‘Mast-R-Prep’ Market Research Results

SAN DIEGO, CA, April 2, 2013 – Jaleva Pharmaceuticals LLC announces that its premier product, Mast-R-Prep IV PREP, has the characteristics preferred by O/R nurses.  Market research results from perioperative nurses polled at the recent (AORN) Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Annual Congress 2013 are now available.

Jaleva’s Mast-R-Prep, the company’s proprietary, chlorhexidine-based, IV Prep product currently under development, is the only IV Prep product in the world that offers a combination of several highly desirable characteristics.  In contrast to other IV prep products, preliminary encouraging data indicate that Mast-R-Prep has a persistent kill rate, is fast drying, easy to remove, and has increased tackiness that promotes adhesion.

Mast-R-Prep utilizes a proprietary technology that traps bacteria; and the preliminary data also indicates the product kills bacteria rapidly, and over a sustained period of time.

49 nurses were surveyed about IV prep products they currently use.  The survey identified the most important characteristics they want in an IV Prep product. The survey also identified if given the choice, they would switch to another IV Prep with more of those desired characteristics.

The top characteristics were for an IV Prep product to contain CHG, exhibit a broad kill rate, a longer lasting kill rate, and a short time span to achieve an effective kill rate.

Of the 49 nurses polled, when Mast-R-Prep was described to them, the overwhelming majority stated they would like to try it. The same number of nurses also reported there is a need for another prep product on the market to satisfy their needs.

“This is important information, as we learned our product will fill a necessary void where prep products are used,” said Eva Beim, Executive VP & CMO at Jaleva.  “We were able to measure 8 different characteristics of IV Prep products, for all major products in this marketplace.  We were pleased to see that the survey showed Mast-R-Prep as a product that could meet the needs of nurses and physicians, given its antimicrobial properties, as well as its convenience related properties,” she said.

Formed in 2000, Jaleva LLC is a privately held firm.  Jaleva is a leader in the application of its patented resin technology for the improvement of topical medications and fast delivery of medications into the bloodstream.  Jaleva is engaged in the research & development of delivery vehicles for active ingredients spanning many needs; for the topical treatment of pain, smoking cessation, and to reduce colonization of bacteria on patients before and after surgery.